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The lighthouse of Alexandria. Film — moving pictures, the art form that records performances visually. The displays and processes could provide helpful services—we could imagine both simple and exotic varieties—and could involve concepts that we have never yet imagined as the pre-graphic thinker of Stage 2 would be unable to predict the bar graph, the process of long division, or a card file system.

Bekenstein claimed that a growing trend in physics was to define the physical world as being made up of information itself and thus information is defined in this way see Digital physics. What we have done in the development of our augmentation means is to construct a superstructure that is a synthetic extension of the natural structure upon which it is built.

They say that a lack of words for some types of concepts makes it hard to express those concepts, and thus decreases the likelihood that we will learn much about them. Physical information Information has a well-defined meaning in physics.

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This in turn is based on information received from the outside world through limited sensory channels; on information, drives, and needs generated within him; and on his processing of that information. The first level down would organize functions corresponding to statements in a problem-oriented language e.

Use the middle section of your speech to provide information about yourself to your audience. However, Korzybski[ 4 ] and Whorf[ 5 ] among others have argued that the language we use affects our thinking to a considerable extent.

In other words, the human mind neither learns nor acts by large leaps, but by steps organized or structured so that each one depends upon previous steps.

Many of the external composing and manipulating modifying, rearranging processes serve such characteristically "human" activities as playing with forms and relationships to ask what develops, cut-and-try multiple-pass development of an idea, or listing items to reflect on and then rearranging and extending them as thoughts develop.

Departure from Object A self-introduction speech is about you. The English language since Shakespeare has undergone no alteration comparable to the alteration in the cultural environment; if it had, Shakespeare would no longer be accessible to us.

Video games — electronic games that involves interaction with a user interface to generate visual feedback on a video device.

Syntax is concerned with the formalism used to represent a message. The origin of alphabets. Music genres Jazz — musical style that originated at the beginning of the 20th century in African American communities in the Southern United States, mixing African and European music traditions.

Build Build is likely the broadest topic covered by the framework. Their mental capabilities allowed them to develop general concepts from specific instances, predict specific instances from general concepts, associate concepts, remember them, etc.

If there is any one thing upon which this 'intelligence depends' it would seem to be organization. When printing this page, you must include the entire legal notice.

In particular, the intelligence of a human being, derived ultimately from the characteristics of individual nerve cells, undoubtedly results from synergism. Why do you think these lines are so popular. The aspects of the conceptual framework that are discussed here are primarily those relating to the human being's ability to make significant use of such equipment in an integrated system.

It may have memory or be memoryless. In the limit of what we might now imagine, this could be a computer, with which we could communicate rapidly and easily, coupled to a three-dimensional color display within which it could construct extremely sophisticated images—with the computer being able to execute a wide variety of processes upon parts or all of these images in automatic response to human direction.

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Figure 1 depicts this two-domain concept and embodies other concepts discussed below. The great escape of Alcatraz. The concepts that would evolve within our culture would thus be different, and very likely the symbology to represent them would be different—much more economical of motion in their writing It thus seems very likely that our thoughts and our language would be rather directly affected by the particular means used by our culture for externally manipulating symbols, which gives little intuitive substantiation to our Neo-Whorfian hypothesis.

What Are Almost everything that you can think of could serve as idea. The life and works of Mother Teresa. DevOps is just one of many areas that require their own SaaS perspective. The craziest laws and their history. The biologists and physiologists use a term "synergism" to designate from Webster's Unabridged Dictionary, Second Edition the " We refer to a way of life in an integrated domain where hunches, cut-and-try, intangibles, and the human "feel for a situation" usefully co-exist with powerful concepts, streamlined terminology and notation, sophisticated methods, and high-powered electronic aids.

Entertainment is generally passive, such as watching opera or a movie. Examples of Cultural Artifact Speech Topics 17th century ship cannon.

Artifact Speech Outline

Instead, he begins from a group of basic sensory-mental-motor process capabilities, and adds to these certain of the process capabilities of his artifacts. The reality is, many of the SaaS best practices are more of an overlay or extension of core best practices.

Cultural Artifact Speech Assignment Overview: Within each culture, there are many objects or artifacts that hold deep symbolic importance.

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These artifacts might represent an important historic event, reflect deeply held values, be part. Lesson Plan Booster: What Makes a Great Speech? Grade level: Student learning objective Getting students to understand the components that make up a great speech and identify these traits in famous addresses.

AWS Answers is a repository of instructional documents and solutions developed by AWS Solutions Architects to help you build and grow your businesses on the AWS Cloud. Mark Lynas speech hosted by the International Programs – College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (50th Anniversary Celebration), and the Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future, Cornell University.

Oral presentation 25 points – Outline 10 points The speech should be delivered extemporaneously from brief notes on 4 x 6 index cards. It is important to establish eye contact 50% of the time. You may have 15 seconds forgiveness LBCC_Speech_Personal_object Author: skaz Created Date.

This is the text of my keynote speech at the 34th Chaos Communication Congress in Leipzig, December (You can also watch it on YouTube, but it runs to about 45 minutes.).

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