Fun first grade writing activities

Who is the most famous person who has that job already. Colored frogs or teddy bears are great for this, as a different color can be used for each set.

What does your mother do that you find very funny. The last basket is also a NEW one for me. In this game the player feeds a worm to those fish labeled with a noun. Have kids choose between 10 and 30 bingo-type markers and use them to cover various numbers on a hundreds chart.

Vowel Digraphs - Complete the sentences using words from the word box. You will also need 2 giant dice, which can be made or purchased. Count the shoes of individual people to see how many they have. Letter-Sounds Smartboard Activity and Lesson — This a fun, educational game that reinforces letters sounds by having players combine letters to form words for the pictures they see.

They stack the cups that they can read to build a very large tower. Tell me what it might be filled with. On each chart, print and paste a word and leave one letter missing. Players click on the spider labeled with an adjective to feed it a fly.

First Grade Worksheets Online

Describe what would happen if you went to school one morning and none of your teachers turned up. As you go down the steps, count backwards.

What is your house like. What is your teacher's name, what does he or she look like, and what do you like about him or her. Hope you enjoy them.

Establish a genuine appreciation for reading and your students will most likely learn words faster and more efficiently. The students choose the letter that matches the object. They are also wrestling with notions of part and whole, and the fact that you can manipulate a group of objects in many ways to make different kinds of addition problems.

They use the flippers to make sight word sandwiches. You have just walked into a spooky house. Read, Rhyme and Draw Worksheets - Your students will practice their reading and rhyming skills as well as show their creativity while completing these worksheets.

You have two eyes, I have two shoes. Which have brown hair. Chants and rhymes are a great way to learn skip counting, and jump rope rhymes get kids' whole bodies involved. What ten toppings would you put on your crazy pizza.

How many ways could they make 5. Who makes it better your mom, dad, or a restaurant. We're all here, let's start the party.

Print number cards with numbers not all numbers in that range need to be represented. Be ready to accommodate advanced readers—as well as the lagging ones. Imagine a scary monster lives under your house.

If the problem and the answer match, she keeps the cards and goes again. Linking Cubes Addition Linking cubes are a great tool for showing addition problems two ways. What do you want to be when you grow up and why. The player with the most cards at the end wins.

Teach Your Child to Read Teaching opinion writing can be a lot of fun in First Grade. Firsties have LOTS of opinions, and they love to share them! Give Your Child a Head Start, the Way for a Bright, Successful Future.

First day of First Grade. Lesson plans, activities, routines, photos, and more. See more. Addition Activities: Fun Addition Practice for First Graders Addition activities are a great way to help kids learn, practice, and master addition facts. Conceptually, kids are beginning to understand that adding is what takes place when the objects in two or more smaller groups come.

1st Grade Math Worksheets

1st Grade Games, Videos and Worksheets First grade math introduces new subjects like double- and triple-digit addition, comparing numbers, and identifying geometric shapes, which can be intimidating for young children when first introduced.

Aug 08,  · My colleagues and I were looking for fun word work activities to use for the first half of the year that our firsties would be able to complete independently and I. » First grade learning games and activities First grade learning games and activities How you can help at home: These games and activities will help your first grader.

During the last week of school, my sweet kiddos and I enjoyed all things pirate related! They loved working on their pirate math and literacy centers, but boy did "Dress Up Like a Pirate Day" top it off!OH.


1st Grade Writing Prompts

My little precious pirates were all so dang cute!

Fun first grade writing activities
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